George Hearn has been an orthopedic and sports physical therapist in the Nashville area for over 20 years. After graduating from Northwestern University he served as Director of Sports Performance Testing for Southern Sports Medicine and has also been associated with the Sports Medicine Center at Baptist Hospital. He is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and as a Personal Trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  He is also a Master Fitness by Phone Coach. Over twenty years of practical experience studying and applying resistance training techniques and philosophies enables him to design safe, effective and efficient programs which allow his clients to attain maximum results. George trains clients from a variety of backgrounds, including amateur and professional athletes, entertainers, and business professionals. His goal for each of his clients is for them to reach their performance potential in their chosen area.

Okay, so much for the “resume” part of the bio. You probably want to know why I really do this stuff! I actually became interested in studying methods that improve physical performance when I was around 15 years old. I began to play football as a freshman and, even though I really didn’t have a clue about what I was doing, liked it well enough that I decided to play for the varsity the next year. As a 135-pound player whose 40-yard dash had to be timed with a sundial (okay, it wasn’t that bad, but 5.4 is pretty slow!), I was abused pretty badly.

Nevertheless, I still loved the game, so I knew I had to do something to improve myself if I were going to have any success at it. At the time, there was not a tremendous amount of information out there about improving physical performance capabilities, but I did happen upon a few resources that were available. One of these resources was The Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr. I read this book cover to cover and applied much of the information in formulating my own performance program. By doing so, I was able to gain 60 pounds, dramatically improve my strength and decrease my forty time by 7/10 of a second from the time between my sophomore and senior seasons.


That experience opened my eyes to the fantastic improvements a person can make in his or her body by applying the correct exercise and nutritional principles. I guess you could say it “got into my blood” way back then; in fact, it became my passion. Over the years, I have come to learn that these same principles apply not only to athletes, but also to entertainers, business professionals and people in any field who want to perform at the highest level. The same principles apply, but the mix and emphasis of the specific components have to be adjusted to meet the goals of each individual I work with. This is where the fun and challenge comes for me, and why I will never stop learning as much as I possibly can about how to help people improve their performance capabilities.

Another experience, later in life, further shaped my approach toward designing programs to help people perform better.  After practicing physical therapy for over 15 years in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine settings, I went to work for a company that required its therapists to spend part of each day treating patients in a hospital.  In reviewing the charts of these patients, particularly the older ones, I was struck by how many of them were on a downward spiral due to complications from diseases that were directly connected to poor diet and exercise habits.  In other words, their conditions were very preventable.  This experience has caused me to emphasize, no matter what goal the client comes to me with, strategies that will allow the habits gained from working with me to become a permanent part of their life. 

Thank you very much for visiting my website. I look forward to helping you to make the physical changes that will enable you to improve your performance and your life!

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