Home Gym Design

Do you have good intentions of making it to the gym several times a week, only to be derailed often by your busy schedule?  Do you find that the commute and associated prep time of going to the gym are eating up too much of your time?   

One of the most important elements of a fitness program is making it a consistent part of your weekly routine--and that means not just once or twice a week, but five to six days per week.  That means having strategies in place that make it as easy as possible for exercise to happen in the normal flow of other scheduled activities.  One of the most important strategies you can have in place to make this happen is a functional home gym.  It is much easier to work a 30-45 minute (or less) training session into your  schedule when you have the capability of doing it at home (or the office) rather than going through the ritual of driving to a gym, changing, working out and driving home.


Home gyms can vary in cost from under a hundred dollars to two or three thousand dollars (you can spend much more than this, but would receive very little bang for the extra bucks).  Typically, home gyms in these price ranges vary from simple resistance bands in the first case to a fully outfitted gym with medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells, and a power rack, among other things.  The whys of what you would want to include will vary according to your individual circumstance, but the important point is that you choose equipment that is easy and enjoyable for you to incorporate into your schedule.


Having a home gym is imperative to sustained health and fitness success, even if you have a gym membership and actually get there on a regular basis.  From time to time, everyone goes through phases where time is limited due to other obligations.  During those times, if the ability to workout at home is not part of the plan, those workouts don’t get done and progress suffers.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need help designing a solution that will allow you to keep the consistency in your training program that you need to perform at your max!


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