Online Coaching

Do you feel that you have a good grasp of exercise technique, but need some direction on progression?

Online training is for people who are basically comfortable with their form in performing their exercise, but need help with the program design aspects of their program.  They either don’t know what to do, or don’t know how to vary what they are doing enough to keep their workouts interesting and progress moving in an upward direction.

There are two levels of Online Training to choose from.  The first is Design with weekly check in.  In this scenario, you have a custom program designed for you and there is a weekly interactive component.  You do your workouts, record the results on my web site and I look at them weekly and assign you progressions for the following week.  This is similar to phone coaching--it gives you accountability and progression guidance--without the weekly telephone consult.

The second level is Design with email support.  This is a step up in independence—you have a custom workout designed for you with unlimited email support.  There is no specific number of contacts—I am just available for support—whether its exercise forms questions, exercise substitution suggestions, nutritional information or any number of things.  This typically consists of an average up to two emails per week.  If you need more input than that, you are probably better served with a program with a higher level of supervision built in.

If either of the online training options interests you, follow the link to the online coaching section of the website.

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