Personal Training

·         Do you feel unsafe working out by yourself? 

·         Do feel unsure of the correct form of the exercises you are doing, or want to make sure you getting absolutely the most out of every exercise you are doing? 

·         Are you ready to begin doing more complex exercises that require a different level of skill? 

·         Are you a competitive athlete who needs to push to a significantly greater level of intensity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Personal Training may be what you need.  Personal Training involves direct supervision of your exercise sessions, either one on one or in small groups of two or three.  There are three basic reasons you might need Personal Training: 1) to make sure you are performing the exercises with safe form, 2) to make sure you are doing the exercises in a manner that produces the best results and 3) for motivation. 

When I am working with you directly, the first thing I want to make sure of is that you are performing each exercise safely.  There are general principles that apply to every type of exercise regarding posture and torso/limb alignment that ensure undue stresses are not produced.  When those are being followed, the next step is to make sure that you are performing each exercise in such a way that you are getting maximum benefit.  There are usually three or more points of emphasis/concentration that will result in this boost in effectiveness.  These are typically very subtle and may not even be observable by anyone but you, so I have to coach you in what the exercise is supposed to feel like. 

Motivation can be a reason to pursue personal training by itself or a result of the first two explanations.  Some people just will not exercise, can’t make themselves do it, unless there is someone there.  In other cases, even if your form is good, you may not feel totally safe unless someone is there.  In another instance, your form may be perfect, both in terms of safety and performance points, but you have progressed to an intensity level that is producing form breakdown during your hard sets, for which additional supervision is helpful. 

If you have never exercised before y can certainly benefit from and may even require direct instruction, depending on your goals and the type of exercises you are doing, to be safe and feel confident.  If youho have had problems with joint pain or previous injuries you may need personal training to insure you do not re-aggravate an existing condition.

Regarding Phone Coaching, personal training can certainly be utilized on an as-needed basis.  While the emphasis with Phone Coaching is on developing independence with your fitness program, there is often a need for instruction on new or more complex exercises.


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