“Maxximum Performance: Look Better, Work Better, Play Better.” How do these elements of my personal training philosophy go together?  What do you need to incorporate in your life to look better, work better, and play better?  In other words, to perform at your max? Let’s look into it a bit.

First, how does being physically fit help you perform better?  Studies have proven that physical fitness has a positive effect on a number of measures of brain function.  It improves self confidence, concentration and cognition.  It also helps you to deal with stress more effectively.  So, being physically fit is tremendously beneficial for executives and professionals who need to have sustained energy to be as productive as possible.  Of course, the effect of physical fitness on physical performance is a little more obvious.  If you are an athlete or have another physically demanding profession, the more fit you are the more effective and less susceptible to injury you will be.

Secondly, what approach works best?   Should you lift weights, swing kettle bells, work with resistance bands, do Pilates or yoga or run?   The answer is that it depends on what you enjoy, your space, your schedule and your goals.  In short, it is somewhat different for everyone.  The most important thing you need is knowledge—knowledge both of what you want to accomplish and what methods are available for that purpose.      

Weight loss or body image issues are probably a concern of over 50 percent of people who seek help from personal trainers, so I need to address it here briefly.  The best way to affect those body composition issues in the long term is to not overly focus on them in the short term.  These issues are almost always due to a combination of inadequate exercise and less than ideal nutrition.  Correct those two factors in a gradual, sustainable manner and the appearance concerns will, for the most part, take care of themselves.  If the weight loss goals have not been completely met at this time, then we can look at how to adjust exercise and nutrition to make that happen. 

With Maxximum Performance, your needs and goals are indentified and I tailor the solution specifically to your unique circumstance.  Many people associate what I do with personal training, and that is certainly a piece of the puzzle.  But, along with Personal Training, Phone Coaching, Online Training, Home Gym Design and education are other ways that I address your goals.  The important thing for you to know is that I look at your goals and concerns as unique and that I use the latest scientifically proven techniques to address them. 

Feel free to spend some time on the site and learn more about the various ways I can help you to be healthier and perform better.  Come back often to check for new content.  And, if you have a question or need help, contact me today.


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