Phone Coaching

Are you an executive, entertainer, sales person or in any of a number of professions that require a lot of travel?

Do you have an erratic schedule that will not consistently permit scheduling several sessions with a personal trainer per week?

Have you been working out for awhile, but continue to struggle with the planned 4 or 5 exercise days per week ending up being 1 or 2?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Phone Coaching may be the solution for you.  Phone Coaching is a technique where you use monitors to record measurable parameters like your calories burned, heart rate ranges, time spent exercising and other things on a specially designed exercise diary.  You total up those values daily and weekly and email them to me, along with a subjective questionnaire, before a weekly phone consultation.   I analyze the objective and subjective reports and then help you to plan your next week’s exercise during our phone coaching session.

Phone Coaching has been documented by over 20 years of research by the Stanford University Research Institute to produce 85% compliance in exercising most days of the week.  There is also a very high rate of exercisers continuing to exercise on their own after completion of the program.  This is because the process promotes self efficacy—you become your own personal trainer as you learn to plan, record results and see the cumulative totals of the work you do over time.  It is incredibly motivating.

Phone Coaching is a great solution for people who are just starting an exercise program, because there is no pressure, either external or from within, to exercise for a certain amount of time—we determine together the correct amount of exercise, whether 10 minutes or 45, and your goal is to do exactly that amount.  It’s also great for people who have a busy schedule, because you only have to schedule one 20 minute phone coaching session per week with me, not two or more 45-60 minute appointments where you have to be at a specific place at a specific time.  You can exercise anywhere you want to, so Phone Coaching works great for people who are one the road a lot.     

Provided you follow through with your assignments and record what you do, I guarantee you will get results—get in touch with me today to find out more about how Phone Coaching can get you on the road to continual progress.


Phone Coaching is a technique that utilizes a combination of recording various exercise parameters by the client in exercise diaries which are then emailed to me; my analysis of those diaries; a weekly phone consultation in which I go over my analysis of the data they recorded in combination with the client’s subjective feedback; and finally guidance of the client toward planning appropriate goals for the next week’s activities.


Phone Coaching benefits a wide variety of people, but two major groups are 1) people who are exercising presently, but not making progress and 2) people who have never exercised previously and need guidance on how to start safely and progress safely and effectively.  In the case of group 1, the work the client is presently doing is taken into account, the amount and type of work is adjusted accordingly if needed, and they are progressed from that point.  In the case of group 2, they are initiated gradually into increasing informal activity (lifestyle activities), and adding mobility and then formal endurance and strength exercises to their program. 


Phone Coaching works particularly well for busy business professionals, because it only requires one 20-minute phone consultation per week, rather than several appointments for personal training sessions.  A great emphasis is placed on strategies to work the exercise sessions into the daily routine, so that meetings and other disruptions that come up do not prevent performance and progression of the program.  This is a great help for people who have irregular schedules, as many busy business professionals do.


Obviously, for a person to benefit from phone coaching they must be able to perform the exercises confidently and safely on their own.  If this is not the case, then personal training sessions can be added as needed--more on that in the next message, though.





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