Work With Me

Work With Me

Having worked with thousands of physical therapy and personal fitness clients over the years, I’ve developed an optimal framework for creating Live Better Feel Better (LBFB) fitness plans.

Online vs. onsite sessions

The idea of online fitness training has gained massive popularity in the last few years.

At the same time, the virtual meeting capability of our smartphones continues to improve with every new model. And these improvements only enhance online fitness coaching.

With some quick setup, a few dietary changes, and minimal equipment, you’ll be surprised at how effective an online physical training experience can be.

If you’re in the Nashville area and prefer in-person training, l also offer onsite sessions according to location and mutual availability.

Whether we work together in person or online here are the steps we’ll take to ensure safety and get you living better and feeling better:

Step One: Your Personal Assessment 

Using my proprietary survey, we’ll determine the best opportunities to improve your physical condition. We’ll consider such factors as:

Muscle imbalances

Postural issues

Muscle strength/endurance



Body composition

 Too often, trainers are in a hurry to get a regimen in place, rather than taking time to learn the client’s unique mental and physical characteristics and challenges. But time spent here early on pays huge dividends in the long term.

Step two: A Custom Designed Program For Success

We’ll put together a plan you can accomplish without turning your life upside down. Using the assessment results, we will decide on the best exercises for your physical condition and characteristics.

In addition to the logistics of how and when we’ll also stir some fun and interesting ideas into the mix.

While the LBFB framework is incremental, many clients report positive results within the first week or two.

Step Three: Guided Progress

Even the best athletes cannot see themselves playing the game. They rely on coaches for perspective. Similarly, you need an extra set of eyes to make sure you maintain safe and efficient exercise form.

This is a central focus of the program. Expert-guided progress is the most dependable, proven path to success.

Step Four: Behavioral change, incremental progress, lifestyle changes

Developing the right mindset is a matter of modifying existing behavior.

Utilizing principles of behavior change, we’ll work together to address negative habits and unhelpful patterns and make small
changes for improvement.

As we age, we begin to see and feel the results of our attitudes and behaviors toward personal fitness and health. My goal is to help you feel better and live better regardless of your current state.

Within a few days…

You’ll notice increased energy and a feeling of accomplishment – because you’re taking action!

Within a month…

Better sleep.

Physical tasks and activities become easier.

You’ll enjoy and even look forward to walking longer distances.

Your body begins to firm up as your physical composition changes.

Activities such as lifting a child, carrying groceries, or walking upstairs are much easier.

Within the first year…

You’ll see improved results in your annual physical exam and bloodwork – and in the mirror!

You’ll experience increased energy levels, and a greater ability to focus.

Resting heart rate will be lowered as your blood pressure improves. 

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